Grissom Wastewater

Grissom Wastewater Rates – Effective October 3, 2011, per Ordinance Number 19-2011.

 I. Metered Consumption

Consumption in GallonsRate Per 1,000 Gallon
First 10,000 gallons$5
Next 300,000 gallons$4.75
Over 310,000 gallons$4.55

II. Service Charge Per Month

Meter Size Minimum Monthly Charge
5/8 - 3/4 inch meter $9
1 inch meter$19.10
1 1/2 inch meter$41.25
2 inch meter$69.50
3 inch meter$156.85
4 inch meter$271.10
6 inch meter$613.80
8 inch meter$1,091.60
10 inch meter$1,703.80
12 inch meter$2,452.40

No connection to the sewage works in the Grissom Aeroplex Area shall be allowed until a sewer tap permit is obtained and the sewer availability fee has been paid. Such fee shall be paid in full at the time application is made for a sewer tap permit and is non-refundable.

There is hereby established, as of the effective date of this ordinance, a sewer availability fee for the Grissom Aeroplex Area. For each new connection to the Grissom sewer collection system, the Availability Fee shall be based upon the size of the water line tap connected to the water distribution system by the applying facility, as detailed below:

Tap SizeAvailability Fee
3/4" $310
1" $413
1 1/4" $517
1 1/2" $620
2" $827
3" $1,240
4" $1,653
6" $2,480

Availability Fees are based on a ratio of a 3/4” tap, the normal size for residential installations, and the size tap used in any particular connection. For connection sizes not shown above, the cost shall be calculated using the ratio of the diameter of a 3/4” tap to the diameter of the tap in any particular installation.

Section 5:

A new connection to the wastewater system must also install a meter to measure water flow into the facility, even in instances in which the facility is not connected to the Peru Utilities water distribution system, and the Availability Fee assessed under this Chapter shall be determined by the size of the tap to which the meter is connected. Such meters must met the specifications of Peru Utilities, and shall be installed at the expense of the owner or developer.

Section 6:

All sewer availability fees collected from the Grissom Aeroplex Area shall be deposited into the Grissom Aeroplex Sewage Works Improvement Fund established in Ordinance Number __ and used for the purposes authorized therein.

Section 7:

This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval by the Mayor.

This Ordinance shall be added to the Peru Code of Ordinances on the earliest revision date.

An Ordinance to amend the Peru Code of Ordinances to change the sewer availability fees of Peru Utilities, charged in the Grissom Aeroplex Service Area is hereby passed and enacted this 7th day of December, 2009, by a vote of Ayes and Nays.