Section 4 - Wastewater Discharge Permit Application

4.3 Wastewater Discharge Permitting; Existing Connections

Any user required to obtain a wastewater discharge permit who was discharging wastewater into the POTW prior to the effective date of this ordinance and who wishes to continue such discharges in the future, shall, within thirty (30) days after said date, apply to the Superintendent for a wastewater discharge permit in accordance with Section 4.5 of this ordinance, and shall not cause or allow discharges to the POTW to continue after thirty (30) days of the effective date of this ordinance except in accordance with a wastewater discharge permit issued by the Superintendent. When permit limitations are modified or changed to reflect a change in regulatory standards, or a change in conditions, the affected users will be issued a compliance plan which will provide a time period during which compliance must be achieved. The compliance plan will be directly reflective of the immediacy of the need for the change and reflection of the time frames presented to the Utility.

4.2 Wastewater Discharge Permit Requirement

A. No significant industrial user shall discharge wastewater into the POTW without first obtaining a wastewater discharge permit from the Superintendent, except that a significant industrial user that has filed a timely application pursuant to Section 4.3 of this ordinance may continue to discharge for the time period specified therein.

B. The Superintendent may require other users to obtain wastewater discharge permits as necessary to carry out the purposes of this ordinance.

C. Any violation of the terms and conditions of a wastewater discharge permit shall be deemed a violation of this ordinance and subjects the wastewater discharge permittee to the sanctions set out in Sections 10 through 12 of this ordinance. Obtaining a wastewater discharge permit does not relieve a permittee of its obligation to comply with all Federal and State pretreatment standards or requirements or with any other requirements of Federal, State, and local law.

4.1 Wastewater Analysis

When requested by the Superintendent, a user must submit information on the nature and characteristics of its wastewater within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the request. The Superintendent is authorized to prepare a form for this purpose and may periodically require users to update their information.

4.0 Permit Fees & Charges

Each user shall pay all fees and charges which are from time to time adopted and established by the Common Council.