Peru Stormwater Billing

III. Credits

A. Properties in full compliance with all requirements as set forth in this Addendum shall be charged a stormwater fee equal to that of a property having 1 ERU of impermeable surface area.

B. Individuals that own more than one property the credit for each property will be applied as if were alone and then the fees will be combined as set forth in Ordinance No. 26, 2012.

C. Stormwater billing credits will not be retroactive. Credit will begin when as-built documents are approved by the appropriate oversight agency.

D. No partial credits will be granted. A property must meet all of the applicable requirements in it’s entirety to be eligible to receive a credit.

II. Requirements

A. To qualify for a stormwater billing credit a property must construct and maintain on-site stormwater controls that retain at least a 100 year, 24 hour rain event entirely on the subject property with no runoff to surrounding properties or public infrastructure.

B. All plans must conform to applicable local, state and federal regulations and shall be signed and stamped by a professional engineer. Credits will not begin until certified as-built drawing and data have been submitted.

C. Maintenance of any stormwater mitigation infrastructure on properties receiving a credit under this provision shall be in strict conformance to all applicable local, state and federal regulations and shall be at the sole expense of the property owner. Periodic maintenance reports to pertinent agencies shall be required.

D. Failure to operate and maintain stormwater mitigation infrastructure in strict compliance with design standards or other applicable local, state or federal regulations shall result in the immediate termination of stormwater billing credits.

E. Properties qualifying for a stormwater billing credit shall be subject to inspection by Peru Utilities employees for compliance with appropriate

I. Eligibility

A. Only properties defined as Type B Property in Ordinance No. 24, 2004, shall be eligible for stormwater billing credits.

B. An account with Peru Utilities shall be active and current.