Rate Schedule SL-1 (Security Lighting Service)


Available only for continuous year-round service for security lighting to any customer located adjacent to an electric distribution line of the Utility that is adequate and suitable for supplying the service requested.

Character of Service

Security Lighting Service using lamps available under this rate schedule.

Effective June 1, 2023
Type of LampRate per Lamp*
175-watt mercury vapor$11.08
400-watt mercury vapor$16.65
100-watt sodium vapor$7.78
250-watt sodium vapor$14.95

Hours of Lighting

All lamps shall burn approximately 1 hour after sunset until approximately one hour before sunrise each day in the year, approximately 4,000 hours per annum.

Ownership of System

All facilities installed by Utility for service hereunder including fixtures, controls, poles, transformers, secondary lines, lamps and other equipment shall be owned and maintained by the Utility. All service and necessary maintenance will be performed only during regularly scheduled working hours of the Utility. Non-operative lamps will normally be restored to service within two working days after notification by customer.

When customer requests that a lamp be mounted on customer’s building or pole, customer shall waive any claim for damages caused by such installation and/or removal of secondary and lamp support.

*Subject to the provisions of Appendix A.

Additional Facilities

This rate schedule is based on lighting fixtures which can be installed on an existing distribution type wood pole or other supporting device and served from existing secondary facilities, with not more than one span of secondary. If additional facilities are required to furnish service, the Utility will install, operate and maintain such facilities. The labor, materials and overhead cost of installation of such additional facilities and maintenance expense thereof shall be at the customer’s expense.