Rate Schedule RS-1 (Residential Service)


Available for single-phase residential services, including lighting, space heating, refrigeration and cooking appliances, and water heating, in an individual residence or apartment and for single-phase farm service when supplied through the farm residence meter.

Character of Service

Alternating current, sixty Hertz, single-phase at a voltage of approximately 120/240 volts three-wire.

Effective June 1, 2023
Service Charge:
For Service within the Corporate Limits$10 per meter/per month*
For Service Outside the City Corporate Limits$15 per meter/per month*
Energy Charge:
For the first 300 kWh$0.124825 per kWh*
For the next 700 kWh$0.115322 per kWh*
For all kWh above 1000 kWh$0.111616 per kWh*

Minimum Charge

The minimum monthly charge shall be the applicable service charge.

Multiple Service

Where 2 or more separate single-family dwelling units are served through a single meter, the applicable service charge and each KWH block in the Rate shall be multiplied by the number of such multiple dwelling units for billing purposes.

*Subject to the provision of Appendices A.

Non-Residential Usage

When the principal use of service supplied under this rate schedule is for residential purposes, but a small amount of energy will be used for non-residential purposes, such non-residential use will be permitted only when the equipment for such use is within the capacity of a 120 volt, 30-ampere branch circuit (or is less than 3,000 watts capacity) and the non-residential use is less than the residential use. When the non-residential equipment and/or use exceeds the above-stated limits, the Customer will be required to separate his wiring so that the non-residential use will be billed under the appropriate non-residential rate schedule or the entire service will be billed under the appropriate non-residential rate schedule.