For Rate Schedule PS (Power Service)


This Coincident Peak Reduction Credit (the "Credit") is available to any existing customer of the Peru Municipal Electric Utility (the "Utility") that :

  1. Meets the criteria for and receives service under Rate Schedule PS unless superseded by a requirement of this Rider.
  2. Has a minimum load of at least 1,000 kW
  3. Has the ability to adjust its operation to reduce the customer's impact on the monthly kW peak billed to the Utility from the Utility's wholesale electric service provider
  4. Enters into an agreement with Peru Utilities detailing the procedures and requirements associated with the changes to the customer's operations that will result in the peak reduction.

Credit Operation & Calculation

Under the Credit, the Utility will signal the customer identifying the hour the Utility estimates it will reach the system's daily peak. The customer will then adjust operations in order to reduce the customer's contribution to the estimated peak daily demand of the Utility's electric system. The reduction in the daily peak will result in a reduction in the Utility's monthly wholesale purchased electricity bill. The customer's allocated portion of this reduction will be passed back to them in the form of a credit appearing on the customer's monthly bill. The monthly credit will be calculated as follows:

Customer's average peak for the three hours prior to the time when the Utility provided the signal to the customer to reduce electrical load.

Less: the customer's actual contribution to the Utility's billed monthly peak in kilowatts (kW) as metered by the Utility.

Equals the estimated Utility peak savings due to customer actions.

Times Utility wholesale electricity provider's demand base rates and any applicable adjustments or charges per kilowatt (kW)

Equals the credit to be applied to the customer's monthly electric billing.