51.07 Dumping of Wastes

The city is authorized to prohibit dumping wastes into the city's Sewerage System which, in its discretion, are deemed harmful to the operation of the sewage works of the city or to require methods effecting pretreatment of these wastes to reduce the characteristics of the waste satisfactory to the city.

(Ord. 17-1976, passed 7-6-76; Am. Ord. 3-1979, passed 2-19-79)

Ordinance Number 29, 2009

An Ordinance Amending The Sewer Availability Fee For Peru Utility Customers

Whereas, the Common Council of the City of Peru and the Peru Utility Service Board have reviewed the availability fees charged in the Grissom Aeroplex Service Area and in the City of Peru; and

Whereas, there is agreement between the two bodies that a downward adjustment in availability fees could have a positive impact on economic development; and

Whereas, both bodies believe the adjustments can be made without having a negative impact on the funding of future Peru Utility projects.

Therefore be it ordained by the Common Council of the City of Peru, Indiana, that Section 51.08 of the Peru Code of Ordinances, relating to availability fees, shall be amended as follows: