51.02 Rates & Charges

For the use of and the service rendered by the wastewater works rates and charges shall be collected from the owners of each and every lot, parcel or real estate, or building that is connected with the city’s sanitary sewerage system or otherwise discharges sanitary sewage, either directly or indirectly, into the Sanitary Sewage System of the city, which rates and charges shall be payable as hereinafter provided, and shall be in an amount determinable as follows:

(A) Except as herein otherwise provided, wastewater rates and charges shall be based on the quantity of water used on or in the property or premises subject to those rates and charges, as the same is measured by the water meter there in use.

  1. (B) The water usage schedule on which the amount of the wastewater rates and charges shall be determined shall be as follows:
    Quantity of Water Used Per MonthUsed Per Month Charge per 1,000 Gallons
    First 5,000 gallons$12.87
    Next 10,000 gallons$11.80
    Next 60,000 gallons$9.83
    Over 75,000 gallons$8.31
  2. The minimum charge for any user, where the user is a metered water consumer, shall be based upon the meter size as stated below, except, in the case of residential customers using 3,000 gallons or less, the minimum charge is priced for 2,000 gallons, reflecting a 1,000-gallon discount, at $25.74.
    Meter SizeGallons AllowedCurrent Rate Per Month
    5/8 - 3/4 inch meter3,000$38.61
    1 inch meter5,000$64.35
    1 - 1/4 inch meter10,000$123.35
    1 - 1/2 inch meter15,000$182.35
    2 inch meter25,000$280.65
    3 inch meter35,000$378.95
    4 inch meter50,000$526.40
    6 inch meter75,000$772.15
  3. The minimum charge for wastewater services where the user is not a metered water customer shall not be less than the minimum charge provided based on the size of the sewer service connections, but in no event shall such charge be less than the corresponding minimum monthly water meter charge hereinbefore set forth, or a calculated metered rate for 5,000 gallons.

(C) The flat rate for discharging septic tank materials and other sewage transported by vehicle into the sanitary system of the city utilities sewage plant shall be as follows:

Number of Gallons DischargedCharge Per Gallon
1 - 1,500 gallons$80.47
1,501 - 3,000 gallons$0.128

(D) Those customers over 65 years of age and considered low income by utilities officials, may be exempt for up to 30 days from penalties for late payment charges for city utilities services.

Present rates and charges were approved pursuant to Ordinance No. 23, 2013 passed October 7, 2013