50.24 – Wastewater Extensions Outside Corporate Limits

  1. The form of the waiver and consent to annexation and delegation of authority to the Mayor which is attached to Ordinance 6-1998 and incorporated by reference is herby approved and shall be made a prerequisite for execution by the owner/developer of any property to be serviced by water and wastewater facilities outside the corporate limits of the city. This form may be modified from time to time in conformity with existing law by the law department of the city, and authorization is hereby granted for such modifications.
  2. The proposed extension of wastewater facilities to area outside the city shall be conditional upon the following:
    a. The owner/developer shall execute the proper consent forms for annexation.
    b. The extension of wastewater services shall be terminated in the event the owner/developer and or successors interest to any portion of the subject real estate withdraw their consent or in any way contest annexation, at any time, by the City.
    c. (The Common Council’s consent for extension of services is conditional and in consideration for the future tax revenues to be generated by real estates taxes imposed on the area to be benefited. If annexation is contested, the developer/owner shall be required to repay the Utility Service Board for the cost of providing the wastewater treatment service plus interest.
    d. The owner/developer shall comply with all the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures adopted by the city’s Utilities Service Board from time to time.
  3. This section is supplemental to the authority of the city’s Utility Service Board to provide the extension materials and labor necessary to effectuate the extension and hook up. Those decisions are herby reserved to the city’s Utilities Service Board.