50.23 – Wastewater System Extension Rules & Procedures

  1. Every person connecting an extension to the wastewater treatment system shall:
    a. File a petition with the Utility Service Board briefly describing the project, its terms, specifications, methods of financing, easements acquired or needed and having it approved.
    b. Provide permits and approvals from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and all necessary governmental agency approvals as required by the Board.
  2. The Board has absolute discretion as to whether to allow an extension to be connected to the system.
  3. The Board may give preliminary approval for the extension to the wastewater system, which is not binding for final acceptance.
  4. After preliminary approval by the Board the person desiring to connect an extension shall:
    a. Permit inspection of the construction prior to closing all excavations;
    b. Perform testing of the extension for leak;
    c. Show proof of compliance with all applicable federal and state rules and regulations concerning wastewater system extension;
    d. Provide and easement for maintenance in the form acceptable to the City Law Department;
    e. Provide a deed of dedication of all facilities to be maintained by the Utilities in the form approved by the Law Department; and
    f. Assign all rights, title and interest in the extension, real estate adjoining and all warranties to the Board.
  5. The construction of new public or building combined sewers if prohibited.