50.14 Building Sewer Connection Requirement

  1. The connection of the building sewer to the public sewer shall conform to the requirements of the building and plumbing code or other applicable rules and regulations of the city. The connection of the building sewer to the wastewater system shall only be permitted by a licensed plumber.
  2. The applicant for the building sewer permit shall notify the Superintendent when the building sewer is ready for inspection and connection to the public sewer. The connection shall be made under the supervision of the Superintendent or his representative. Notice shall be given at least forty-eight (48) hours in advance to allow the Superintendent to schedule a time for the inspection. It shall be a violation of this chapter for any connection to be covered prior to final inspection and approval by the Superintendent. If re-excavation is required to permit inspection, the property owner shall be responsible and shall reimburse the Utility Department for all expenses incurred.
  3. The owner shall be responsible for obtaining and complying with street cut permits from the appropriate agencies as well as any other permits, authorizations and/or utility service locations required to facilitate a building sewer connection.
  4. All excavations for building sewer installations shall be adequately guarded by the owner with barricades and lights so as to protect the public from hazard. Streets, alleys, sidewalks, parkways, and other public property disturbed in the course of work shall be restored to a safe condition in a manner satisfactory to the Superintendent.
  5. The owner shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless the city from any loss, damage, claims or actions that may directly or indirectly be occasioned by installation of the building sewer.