3.4 Hauled Wastewater

A. Wastewater haulers shall have a valid wastewater hauler discharge permit before discharging wastes to the POTW. Each permitted wastewater hauling vehicle shall prominently display a number issued by the City on both doors of the vehicle cab. Such numbers shall be removable only by destruction.

B. Wastewater may be introduced into the POTW only at locations designated by the Superintendent, and at such times as are established by the Superintendent. Such waste shall not violate Section 2 of this Ordinance or any other requirements established by the City.

C. Prior to being issued a hauler discharge permit, the following conditions shall be met:

  1. Each truck shall have a sight glass calibrated in 100-gallon increments.
  2. Each vehicle shall be equipped to discharge at the location designated by the Superintendent without utilizing Utility equipment.
  3. Each vehicle shall maintain records evidencing the origin of the wastewater to be discharged and each driver shall record such information on forms provided by the Utility.

D. All procedures for discharging, for cleanliness, and for general sanitary operation on City property as described by the Utility shall be strictly adhered to by all wastewater haulers delivering wastewater to the designated Utility dumping station.

E. Wastewater from a domestic level user shall not be mixed with wastewater from an industrial user. Vehicles hauling wastewater from an industrial user shall not be used to haul wastewater from a domestic level user for disposal at the POTW.

F. Wastewater from an industrial user shall identify in writing the type of industry, known or suspected waste constituents, and whether any wastes are RCRA hazardous wastes.

G. In addition to remedies available to the Utility elsewhere in this ordinance, failure of a wastewater hauler to comply with the provisions set out herein shall be grounds for revocations of their hauler’s discharge permit by the Superintendent.

H. All hauled wastewater may be subject to sampling and analysis as may be required by the Superintendent.